EMPOWA is focussing on selected good practice examples in the area of female entrepreneurship which have already made experiences with the SME Instrument in the Horizon2020 framework programme.

First video success story:

Anna Fontanelli, manager Monozukuri Spa http://www.monozukuri.eu/index.php

Winner of SME Instrument Ph.2 in the cut off of 14 March 2018 with the project:

Heterogeneous Integrated Platform for Electronic system Redistribution: a revolutionary I/O Planning Solution for 2.5D & 3D Nanoelectronic Systems Design


Second video success story:

Gabriella Colucci, ownwer of Arterra Bioscience srl http://www.arterrabio.it/

She is the founder and CEO of Arterra Bioscience, a research-based biotech company, focused on the discovery and production of active compounds for industrial applications, in particular cosmetics and agriculture.  http://www.arterrabio.it/
Gabrielle has won the first prize of the Women Innovators Prize in 2018.
Arterra Bioscience has developped 35 active ingredients for skin care applications, has filed 14 patents and has published 23 papers in peer-reviewed international scientific journals and specialist magazins.
Third video success story:

Judit Cubedo, CEO of Glycardial Diagnosis  http://www.glycardial.com/

Winner of SME Instrument Phase 1 in 2018 and SME Instrument Phase 2 in 2019

Glycardial is focused on the development of a novel in vitro diagnostic device for myocardial ischemia. The technology is based on the detection of Apo J-Glyc in blood as a biomarker for the early diagnosis of cardiac ischemia and the prediction of patient’s evolution after an ischemic event.


Fourth video success story:

Silvia Gomez, CEO of Sens Solutions https://sens.solutions/

Winner of SME Instrument Phase 1 in 2018 and just submitted her first proposal for Phase 2 on April 2019

Sens Solutions develops equipment and systems to detect bacteria infections in air and water. Their system are currently being tested in hospitals and hotels.


Fifth video success story:

Carme Vila, CEO of Carrocericas Ayats  http://www.ayats.es/

Winner of SME Instrument Phase 1 in 2017

Carrocerias Ayats aims at introducing into the global market the first open-roof 100% electric Double Decker Bus (eDDB). Furthermore, through implementing advanced new technologies, AYATS has come up with a DDB with larger capacity (76 seats + 1PRM seat) and high autonomy (140km) offering a more efficient solution that will obviously be able to target not only the tourist sector but all urban road transport. The difficulty of electrifying a Double Decker Bus is high compared to a small vehicle and even to a Single Decker Bus. The Bus is currently doing tests in Barcelona.